AccessPlus Fiber Team Attends Fiber Connect 2023

In an era where the Internet’s speed and reliability define our progress, an event emerged as a must attend for RingSquared’s newest company, AccessPlus. We’re thrilled to share that the AccessPlus Fiber team attended Fiber Connect this week, an event hosted by the Fiber Broadband Association. The event offered a platform to forge new partnerships, strengthen existing ones, and unveil the future of fiber internet. Jason Cummins, COO, and Chaz Garrity, VP of Sales, were both in attendance.

Igniting Possibilities with AccessPlus Fiber: In a whirlwind of networking and discussions, Jason Cummins and Chaz Garrity, as the representatives of AccessPlus Fiber, were able to explore new technology, systems, and platforms that will help support the rapid expansion of AccessPlus high-speed Internet in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and the Capital District of New York. They were able to connect with existing and new partners throughout their time at the event.

Embracing Connectivity at Fiber Connect 2023: Fiber Connect 2023 served as a catalyst for innovation, bringing together luminaries, thought leaders, and tech enthusiasts. Our team embraced the opportunity to immerse themselves in the event’s energy-filled atmosphere. A big thank you to the Fiber Broadband Association for providing this event to the fiber industry!

Seize the Moment: Were you a part of the Fiber Connect 2023 experience? We’d love to connect!

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Empowering the Digital Revolution: AccessPlus Fiber isn’t just participating in the technological revolution – we’re spearheading it in the Berkshires and Capital District of New York. Our presence at Fiber Connect 2023 underscores our commitment to pioneering change and redefining connectivity to our expanded regions. By engaging with industry pioneers, forming strategic partnerships, and sharing groundbreaking ideas, we’re playing a pivotal role in making high-speed fiber Internet a reality in AccessPlus connected communities.

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